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Cycling and walking for safe spaces after lockdown in cities, a “new normality”?

by Alejandro González, GRATET-URV. May 2020 Cities are planning mobility transitions for encouraging cyclists and pedestrians to travel while respecting social distancing. The capital of Lombardy, the region most hit by Covid-19 in Italy[1] and among the most polluted regions in Europe, plans for a climate-friendly way out of the crisis. This initiative follows other […]

Tourism ‘bubbles’: towards new exclusionary practices?

The SARS-CoV-2 emergency has put into question recent patterns in international tourism. As a matter of fact, it may take some time before tourists are allowed to freely move around the globe again. Given the approaching summer, the tourism sector is increasingly concerned about whether, and eventually how, people could enjoy their holidays. Among other […]


Although the project kicked off already in January, its set-up stage is now complete and research work has started. SMARTDEST examines the production of social exclusion in tourist destinations, seeks for community-engineered forms of coping, and contributes to scale them up to urban policy for resilient cities.