City Labs

By Paolo Antonio Russo (Barcelona)


In a last stage of the research process, social and other stakeholders in each case study city will be invited to take part in a participatory process aiming at elaborating solutions in the face of social exclusionary processes produced by tourism motilities, scaling up small-scale coping tactics to social and policy innovation. Such solutions may include innovative social arrangements, mediated or not by smart technology (as in the circular or collaborative economy), as well as planning and management innovations.

Ultimately, we’ll be looking to draw on collective intelligence and everyday experience to define urban models that are inclusive, gendered, just, and accomplish a shift towards cities that are more socially resilient in the face of the interventions of tourism mobilities. The format of these sessions is CityLabs, public fora where issues are discussed and solutions are designed collaboratively, testing their viability with policy and industry leaders so as to ensure that bottom-up, human-centred solutions could be sustainable and produce shared value for the whole destination ecosystem. Creative thinking, co-creation and testing workshops will be some of the engagement methods at CityLabs.