Document Library


Linda Bacote

Access to a curated selection of open-access documents, white papers, reports, and e-books.



Jane Cooper

Visual representations elucidating key concepts in an engaging manner.

Tool and Templates


Martin Scorsese

A suite of resources to assist destinations in identifying vulnerabilities and areas for enhancement, along with planning templates for crafting resilience strategies.

Legislation and Regulations:


Jessica Hische

Direct links to relevant local, national, or international legislation and regulations concerning tourism resilience, complemented by succinct summaries and explanations.

Organizational Links


Devon Lane

Directories to governmental bodies, NGOs, or industry groups actively engaged in resilient tourism.

Call for Proposals


deGrass Tyson

A section dedicated to publishing calls from public institutions, aimed at aiding users in securing resources to support their research and projects within the domain of resilient tourism.